A New School Experiment

As you all are aware, I am originally from Kanpur, in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, one of my cousins asked me for my opinion on the best school in Kanpur. I could have easily named the school I studied in myself but then, I figured it would be nice if I found it out through a poll among parents in Kanpur and find out which school in Kanpur do they perceive as the best in Kanpur!

With this thought in mind, I set out to do my survey to identify the top schools in Kanpur and finally, select the best school in Kanpur based on the opinions collected in the survey from the parents in Kanpur. It sure was going to be an exciting journey that the journalist in me wished to take at the earliest since I always have believed that I passed out from the best school in South Kanpur myself!.

My cousin was particularly interested in identifying the best ICSE School in Kanpur as she wished her son to study in the same board as it is perceived to be relatively easier compared to the UP Board and the ICSE students easily score over 90% which, she feels is necessary for admission in the Delhi University where she wants her son to pursue his graduation from. So, a lot of expectations, you see!

I spoke to my programmer friend and requested him to design a small website for me that described what I had set out to do and take and record the feedback of the website visitors. Once the site was ready and tested, I ran a Facebook Ad campaign that focussed on Kanpur residents within age group 25-45, married and with children for their opinion on Kanpur’s top schools on various criteria.

The findings revealed the evolving mindset of the Kanpur people and how they viewed the top schools in Kanpur in terms of their performance on various key criteria. But what over 90% of them identified as the number one criteria was to choose the best English medium school in Kanpur for their kids as they all believed good English speaking skills are the key to a successful life.

I am still working on writing my full story on the best schools in Kanpur and it will soon be published on this blog. So, stay tuned!

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