Automation 2.0 & Other Technologies

Technology helps fight COVID-19

The whole world is in a state of churn today. Nothing is like it used to be in 2019. The COVID-19 virus that originated in China has made sure that our lives are changed irrevocably forever. Its fast spread across the world and its deadly effects make it imperative that we change and adapt in […]

Real Estate Technology

Technology has taken over the world and our lives. No wonder then it is all pervasive in modern homes. Technology in real estate has been around for couple of decades but the recent years have seen mush scrambling over smart homes and intelligent devices that can be controlled from anywhere around the world. While the […]

Education & Technology

There’s always been a debate as to how much technology is actually too much technology in various domains. This is true for technology in education as well. We have come a long way from the blackboard, chalk and duster classrooms to online classrooms that have students from around the world. Surely, not all of it […]

Technology and Child Dentistry

As in all medical fields, technology is having an impact in dentistry. Dental professionals are seeing an influx of new and improved technology that can help them be more efficient and effective in their practice. Here’s a look at the latest in dental technology. Tioga Dental In 2017, the first robot-led dental surgery was performed […]

Politics & Technology Cocktail

The combination of politics and technology covers concepts, mechanisms, personalities, efforts, and social movements including but not necessarily limited to the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs). – Wikipedia The staggering distribution numbers, through channels like iTunes, YouTube, or podcasting websites, indicate that technology could play a critical role in the upcoming elections. […]

A New School Experiment

As you all are aware, I am originally from Kanpur, in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, one of my cousins asked me for my opinion on the best school in Kanpur. I could have easily named the school I studied in myself but then, I figured it would be nice if I found it out through a […]

An Experiment

How automation is changing work More robotics and artificial intelligence in the workplace doesn’t have to destroy your job. If you were beginning a career in computer programming in 2007, there were good times ahead: robust salary growth, the construction of the app ecosystem and economy, and the meteoric rise of social media. But if […]

A confused mind

Automation has both increased and decreased complications in our lives. I have been a Software QA tester for past 10 years now and have done well for myself. But the expectations of technical skill sets required for a QA are rising like anything. I wish to change my job and to crack any interview these […]

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