Politics & Technology Cocktail

The combination of politics and technology covers concepts, mechanisms, personalities, efforts, and social movements including but not necessarily limited to the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs). – Wikipedia

The staggering distribution numbers, through channels like iTunes, YouTube, or podcasting websites, indicate that technology could play a critical role in the upcoming elections. What Will Technology Affect? Fundraising, The Power Of Political Pundits, Never Say Never, Pushing A Cause To The Forefront – FeedForAll

As has been evident in elections around the globe, political parties are greatly relying on technology to manipulate mass perceptions. Professional political consultants are leveraging the power of technology in the campaigns they design and execute for political candidates. Ethics pose a big question in these political campaigns. The line between truths, half-truths, and blatant lies, is seemingly fast disappearing due to what is possible through evil technology like deepfake videos in politics. With elections coming up in the state of Bihar later this year, political consultants in Bihar are said to be gearing up for a tough battle!

What lies ahead for the future of technology in politics. Chatbots, Information is More Available than Ever, Targeted Campaigns, Security and the Rise of New Issues, Social Influence and Interaction and finally, Politics is one of the most important aspects of modern-day society, and technology is already having a huge impact on the way we view political affairs. Staying current with new technological advances is proving to be critical for both the masses and politicians striving to represent themselves as leaders. Business2Community

Social media can be a politician’s best friend and their worst enemy. Candidates are aware of the fact that everyone they meet along their campaign trail has a smartphone they can use to catch them at the worst for the public’s amusement and become popular for all the wrong reasons. Studio14

When asked about the impact of mobile phones, the internet and social media on various political behaviors and attitudes, people in these nations tend to express seemingly dual views of how technology has brought “more” to society: that it has made people more informed, yet more manipulatable; more divided, yet sometimes more accepting of others. Pew Research

The digital divide is real — that much is undeniable. But it’s going to take more than an app or social media play to fix the problem. We must become more cross-political, ignoring the borders set by parties. Otherwise, we’ll never surmount many of the challenges we’re currently facing, much less the ones to come. Right now, society is not future-ready and certainly not settled enough for the merger and cross-pollination of BANG (bits, atoms, neurons, and genes). That doesn’t mean it can’t be; it’s simply stalled at the chasm between a world in transition and a robust future. ReadWrite

While in a parallel universe, a political consultant in Lucknow, could ask his friend who is a political consultant in Kanpur to speak to his contact who is a political consultant in Patna to connect with a political consultant in Delhi so as to keep real time tabs on the election campaigns being run in those locations all using the power of technology. Seems a bit far fetched? Well, who thought Trump would win elections in the US with help of some evil programmers in Russia, hmm?

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