Technology and Child Dentistry

As in all medical fields, technology is having an impact in dentistry. Dental professionals are seeing an influx of new and improved technology that can help them be more efficient and effective in their practice. Here’s a look at the latest in dental technology. Tioga Dental

In 2017, the first robot-led dental surgery was performed in China. A robot inserted two dental implants into a human woman’s mouth under the supervision of a human team, but the supervisors weren’t actively involved in the surgery. While not everyone may want a robot to operate on their mouth, this type of technology can mean huge improvements to dentistry around the world. Healthcare In America

However, what still remains a tough area for technological advances in dentistry is perhaps, pediatric dentistry. Even the best pediatric dentist would confirm, treating a child for dental problems is something that perhaps technology can’t handle right now. Being a dentist for kids is a tough task because of the amount of child psychology that comes into play while treating a kid. Only an experienced pedodontist is capable of being a successful child dentist and a robot would never know just how to manage a child patient.

In another news, new breakthroughs are creating “biomaterials” to fill cavities. For example, a joint project between Harvard and the University of Nottingham has created a synthetic biomaterial that could essentially allow a cavity to heal itself, a development with the potential to greatly reduce tooth deterioration that leads to expensive, painful root canals. Scientific American

Once again, as any pediatric dentist in India would confirm, treating a kid for dental problems is really tough. No amount of technology can make root canal treatment or pulpectomy for a child comfortable simply because a child is psychologically never fully prepared.

New solutions like nanotechnology based advanced toothpastes and rinses will be developed to help combat tooth decay and gum disease by changing the surface vulnerabilities/properties of teeth, and even repairing/strengthening teeth further, and at home remote-supervised 3D printed custom-made appliance therapy can straighten teeth and protect teeth from grinding, making orthodontics accessible to all. Journal Of M Health

Well, what hasn’t been developed and tested yet, will take a lifetime to reach the market. In the meanwhile, no one will wait. As the pediatric dentist in Noida recently said, “No matter what the dental emergency is, but when it is a child to be treated, one better have patience to be able to deliver, non only on dental parameters but also on the expectations of the parents or guardians accompanying the child.”

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